Golden Route of Japan ... The Golden Triangle of Japan Japan in Depth with the Japanese Alps

Small-group tours are a great way to get to know Japan and learn about the history and culture of Japan, while meeting like-minded people and enjoying fantastic cuisine.

The Golden Route of Japan

This tour gives you a taste of everything Japan has to offer, from unique places to “must see” tourist attractions in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Tour Destinations

Tokyo/ Hakone/ Mt. Fuji/ Kioto/ Hiroshima/ Nara/ Osaka

Tour Days

7 Days – 6 Nights

Departure Dates

June 7 – June 21

Special price

$ 2,500.00

The Golden Triangle of Japan

Perfect for getting to know not only popular places like Tokyo and Kyoto but also traditional and authentic places. The landscape and nature is unique.

Tour Destinations

TokYo/ Hakone/ Mt. Fuji/ Kofu/ Matsumoto/ Takayama/ Shirakawa-go/ Kanazawa/ Kyoto / Uji/ Nara/ Osaka

Tour Days

10 Days – 9 Nights

Departure Dates

02 / APR – 11 / APR, 2021
16 / APR – 25 / APR, 2021

Special price

$ 3,810.00

Japan in depth with the Japanese Alps

Travel to magical places. It is an extension of the trip of 10 days.

Tour Destinations

Tokyo/ Hakone/ Mt Fuji/ Kofu/ Matsumoto/ Takayama/ Shirakawa-go/ Kanazawa/ Kioto/ Uji/ Nara/ Osaka/ Hiroshima/ Koyasan/ Tsumago/ Magome

Tour Days/strong>

15 Days – 14 Nights

Departure Dates

Contact Us

Special price

$ 5,630.00


– Committed to your care.
– English-speaking guides .
– Love to share our native home.


– Wide coverage of Japan.
– We continually improve experiences.
– Different styles of travel.


– Up to 14 people per tour.
– Share with like-minded.
– Shared activities.
– Flexibility to explore individually.

Our tour guides are what make our Small Group Tours truly special.


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